A Shop Local First Celebration

Celebrating local business

Local businesses are the lifeblood of a community - especially a small community, in the middle of nowhere. Without small, local businesses, places like Blanding, UT would cease to exist. So join us in celebrating all that you small businesses give to your community. 

Join us November 8th-10th to celebrate Blanding and it's local business. PLUS, you can win free stuff, so why wouldn't you want to be there? 


November 8th-10th

Two ways to win: 

  1. Compete in the Amazing Race - Blanding
  2. Shop local, post a picture, win pizes

Let's do this!

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Adventures & Upcoming Events

Rose Family

Just how much can one family do in a day? 

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Blanding, Utah

Blanding is Family

One of the most family friendly places on earth lays at the very end of southeast Utah, almost into Colorado. Blanding, UT has been the home of family friendly outdoor adventure for almost 100 years. 

What makes Blanding one of the best places of family fun and adventure? Stick around and we will show you how small town atmosphere mixed with some of the most beautiful land in all of Utah makes for one of the greatest family destinations out there. 

Adventure, places to see, & things to do!

What to explore


Things to do in Blanding Utah, Blanding UT, Blanding Utah, Family fun, BlandingFamAdven, Bears Ears

What's coming up. What is worth going to and how to get there. 

Blanding Adventures

Blanding Utah, Blanding family adventures, things to do in Blanding, Blanding UT, BlandingFamAdven

Blanding is one of the most family friendly places on earth. These are the best ways families enjoy it. 

Day Hikes & Wildlife

Day hikes in Utah, Blanding UT, things to do in Blanding, Blanding Utah, hikes in Blanding, Blanding

A compilation of hikes you can do in a day, and still make it back to town by bedtime. 

Guided Hikes & Tours

Blanding UT, Blanding Utah, family fun in Blanding, Things to do in Blanding, Bears Ears, Families

Rugged is only the beginning. Being safe means sometimes you need a guide. Taking a guide means you see the best places. 

Plan My Trip

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Overwhelmed with options? Answer a couple questions and we will send you a suggested itinerary.